Friday, January 10, 2014

Story_Part : [ 5 Science 2 ]

As I glance around my very lively classroom, I just smile thinking of the kind of characters I come across everyday for 2013. These people just give me so much joy :)

Firstly, 13 heroes of 5Sc2 2013. They are the teachers' pet especially among our asatizah ;) hehe. Harith the responsible class monitor, Mirza the tallest one, Fahmi always make us bursts into fits of laughter. Afie is very charismatic, Dhirar has his own special character, Soleh our Head Boy. Faisal our great debator, Hadie the fierce one but kind-hearted. hihi. Zarrul our school male athlete, Mus the silence one, Hareez our ketua naqibah. Lastly wan and syakir. Hmmm, I don't know how to describe them. Hehe. Peace >.<

Next is my beloved the fifteen :) Sarah our hardworking penolong kelas. Yan the talkative buddy, Yanie my cutest deskie ever :) Hanani the genius one, Amyra the gossip girl a.k.a our Ms Google in our class. huhu. Rahmah has shrieking voice. Hmm sometimes. Just joke, rahmah ;) Huda has her own blusher. Hafiza believes in 'silence is golden' does not talk too much but only when necessary. Nawwarah the annoying one but still she is the most intelligent. Atul the best buddy and a good listener. Fina is a very soft-spoken and polite girl. Aliah is a kind person. I love her almond-shaped hazel-coloured eyes :) Lily the witty girl and the best debator. Last but not least, Hazirah a.k.a Bagee the chubby geek :)

As I analyse these characters, I just smile holding back the joy I feel. I love them because they are all different in their very own ways. That is what makes them special :D

So have you  ever thanked your friends? For their smiles? For their hellos? For their hugs? For their sharing things? For their way of calling your names? For their talking non-stop? Can you imagine your friends never doing that anymore? Could you bear it? Actually, these are the ones who make life look so easy, cheerful and beautiful. 

Hmmmmm, I just miss school a lot :( Rindu nak belajar kat kelas. Rindu everything about 5sc2. Guys, keep praying for our SPM's result. 2 months to go. Yeahh. Love you guys :*

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